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The Phalanx in Grapes of Wrath

Literary Elements
Symbolic and Allegorical
Moral and Anagogical
Steinbeck's Message about Individuality
by Rahul Rastogi (I try, oh I try...)
 and the horrible comments are by "Snake"
Here you will learn all about the wonders of the Phalanx Allusion and how Steinbeck believes in group cooperation over self-reliance.
Unless you are one of those people, the ones who are pro-Bush... How did you get on a computer? you can't even read, now go back to milling about in a haze... better yet, here's a ball, go play with it over there... idiots. 
Call me Snake


This website is divided into 6 abso-fantabulous sections:       

But first, a joke... 

What has two legs and bleeds?

Half a dog.

The first is the allusion in which we will discuss the connections between Grapes of Wrath's land turtle and the greek combat formation called the phalanx.  Unfortunately, tripod randomly deleted this section, so please wait until it is redone.

The second section will cover the Theme: The theme will connect the allusion to the phalanx and the turtle to the book... can anyone say the poor working together?

The third section is all about Vocabulary. This section is going to explain- in terrible detail, every aspect of the allusion.

The fourth section is a wonderful batch of literary elements, it's full of quotes and plenty of happy design aspects that will shock and amaze.

The fifth section is Symbolic and Allegorical, using quotes and stuff as well.

And finally, by the grace of jebus we have Moral and anagogical, using yet again, quotes and links to make the man happy.

Big Land Turtle
Notice the Shell Plates