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The Phalanx in Grapes of Wrath


Literary Elements
Symbolic and Allegorical
Moral and Anagogical

Some of these terms might be helpful to know for a deeper understanding of the book.

anlage: From biology - the initial clustering of embryonic cells from which a part or an organ develops; primordium. - taken from

meiosis: from genetics - the process of cell division in sexually reproducing organisms that reduces the number of chromosomes in reproductive cells from diploid to haploid, leading to the production of gametes in animals and spores in plants. - taken from
- each cell is a copy of the parent cell.

pha·lanx   Audio pronunciation of "phalanx" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (flngks, flngks)
n. pl. pha·lanx·es or pha·lan·ges (f-lnjz, f-)
  1. A compact or close-knit body of people: “formed a solid phalanx in defense of the Constitution and Protestant religion” (G.M. Trevelyan).
  2. A formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears, developed by Philip II of Macedon and used by Alexander the Great.
  3. pl. phalanges Anatomy. A bone of a finger or toe. Also called phalange.
  4. See phalanstery.

- taken from